Why JOIEPACK | Automated Packaging Machinery Manufacturer for Bakery, Food & Non-Food Industries | JOIEPACK Industrial Co., Ltd.

Joiepack provides quality packaging automation solutions for food and non-food industries with decades of professional experiences in packaging machinery developing and manufacturing since 1980 in Taiwan.


JOIE Machine Advantages

Since founded in 1980, JOIEPACK has been developing Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine and Horizontal Shrink Flow Wrapping Machine technologies, which are widely used in both food & non-food industries.
We do focus not only on packaging efficiency enhancement but on machine stability and durability. JOIEPACK will continue to strive to become one of the leading packaging companies in the world.

JOIE Flow Wrappers have the following strengths:

• Versatility: JOIE Machines are designed to handle a wide range of product types and sizes, offering flexibility in packaging various products, including both food and non-food products.

• Efficiency: JOIE Machines are built with advanced technology and automation features to ensure high-speed or efficient packaging processes, to reduce downtime, and to increase overall productivity.

• Reliability: JOIEPACK is known for manufacturing robust and durable packaging machines, designed to deliver consistent performance in demanding production environments.

• Customization: JOIE Machines are always customized to meet specific packaging requirements, offering tailored solutions to accommodate unique product characteristics, packaging formats, and customers’ specific requirements.

• Quality Packaging: JOIE Machines produce high-quality packaging results, including accurate product sealing and attractive package appearance, helping enhance product shelf appeal and boost customer satisfaction.

Automated Packaging Machinery Manufacturer for Bakery, Food & Non-Food Industries | JOIEPACK Industrial Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1980, JOIEPACK Industrial Co., Ltd. has been an Automated Packaging Machinery manufacturer. Their main products, including packaging machinery, horizontal flow wrappers, shrink wrappers, wet wipes processing and packaging machines, which are sold in over 50 countries with solid reputation.

JOIEPACK specializes in developing and manufacturing automatic packaging machinery since 1980 in Taiwan and offering packaging automation solutions with single machine to a complete packaging line. Providing excellent quality packaging machinery is the principle that drives JOIEPACK forward from its establishment. With its quality policy, JOIEPACK has been installing thousands of packaging machinery in more than 50 countries around the world for over 43 years. with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing of packaging machinery for various kind of food and non-food industries. JOIEPACK is always putting customers at the first position and providing full range of automatic packaging solutions and services to achieve success in their markets.

Joiepack has been offering customers food and non-food automated packaging machinery, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Joiepack ensures each customer's demands are met.